Transitioning Back to Work After Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

After slogging through three years of motherhood while teaching nearly full time, I was heartily ready for a break.  Last spring I took a year’s leave of absence to be with my children and experience stay-at-home motherhood.

I loved the intensity and importance of being with my kids full time, until one day, I didn’t.  Was it a dramatic episode?  Nope.  I simply reached a point where the endless cycle of laundry, meals, and playtime wore me out.  My brain felt rather mushy and creating daily structures and routines exhausted me.

Plus, although frugal living is a passion of mine, it felt a bit uncomfortable to have absolutely no spare room in our budget.  I longed for the occasional dinner out or swimming lessons for the kids.  If we stayed exactly on track and no emergencies came up, we still had to take a little out of our savings each month.

Heading Back to Work After Maternity Leave

returning-to-work-after-maternity-leaveIt’s here.  The dreaded transition from lazy mornings in bed with baby to the daily grind of working, pumping, and getting dressed before noon.

I knew it was coming and savored the summer full of baby and toddler time, but it doesn’t make this shift back to work any easier.  My baby won’t take her bottle and has spent hours screaming in other people’s arms only to be instantly calmed when I arrive home.  While that sounds nice for my ego, it’s hard to see that the adjustment seems just as hard for her as it is for me.  I’ve taken her to work this week since our students won’t arrive until next Tuesday so I get a few more opportunities to nurse her and avoid pumping for a bit longer, but soon we’ll be hitting the reality of a  work week without my baby.