Four Energy Draining Foods to Avoid While Pregnant and Breastfeeding

Can eating the wrong foods cause you greater pregnancy and breastfeeding fatigue? How can you better control your pregnancy blood sugar?  With both my pregnancies, I was amazed how quickly my energy level was affected by what I ate and drank.  Since I spent most of my time trying to stay conscious while yearning for naps, I happily skipped the foods that lowered my already pathetic energy level.

  1. Sugar is obviously at the top of the list, and is often what we crave most during pregnancy or nursing.  Limiting our intake, especially right in the middle of the day can help us keep our glucose levels in check and save ourselves from a mini-coma later.
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Eating Well in Pregnancy, Part Three: Trimester Concerns (and What to Do About Them)

Today concludes Laurie Meher’s three-part series on eating well during pregnancy. (Here’s part one and part two.) Meher is a Holistic Nutritionist and Mom specializing in family nutrition.   She shares recipes and information on baby and toddler food on her blog:

When you are pregnant it is important to remember that your baby will take all of its nutrients from you, Mom.   While it is comforting to know that your baby will always get what it needs, you need to take care of yourself.  Otherwise you will find that once baby arrives you will not have the basics of healthy nutrition to get you through some long nights, a few emotional days and many exciting times.