Green Idea: DIY Doll Dress out of an Old Sock

My daughter’s “newborn” Cabbage Patch doll came with her own little romper. It’s fine, but let’s face it: sometimes a doll yearns for a more elegant evening look. One made out of an old sock, perhaps. One that comes complete with a matching wide belt and hat.

If you have a doll in a similar predicament, there is an easy solution, and it doesn’t require a sewing machine. All you need is an old sock, a pair of scissors, and an eye for fine fashion.

How to Make a Doll Dress out of a Sock:

  1. Find an old sock that is about the size of the doll. The opening of the sock will be the neck of the dress. Cut the sock near the heel so the bottom of the dress flares out in a subtle and sophisticated way.
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