A Weekly Meeting With Yourself: A Sustainable Solution for Busy Moms

About a week ago, my sister suggested a radical idea that changed my life instantly.  It’s obvious, cheap, easy, and effective, but it had never once occurred to me.

While she was in the whirlwind of raising small children (and she has five of them!), she took time each week to escape to a cafe with her journal.  For one hour she considered the following questions:

  • What’s working?
  • What’s not working?
  • What can I change?
  • How will I make the changes?
  • When will I make the changes?

That’s it.  At first I thought it was rather silly to spend a precious hour of my busy life journaling about practical matters, but it was an instant success.  I considered what my goals were as a parent, as an environmentalist, and as a wife and considered small tweaks that could make a difference.  And I did all of this while sipping hot chocolate in a lovely cafe away from screams and laundry.

Going Green With A Resistant Spouse

My husband loves hiking, polar bears, native plants, and organic cherry tomatoes. We met on Earth Day at an eco-friendly volunteer event and share a deep appreciation for the natural world.  Why then does he turn the thermostat up to 71 degrees while loafing around the house in shorts and a t-shirt?   Why does he drive to the park with our son when he, an avid marathoner, could push the stroller there in a mere ten minutes?  Sadly, I think I know the answer to my own questions.  My husband, the love of my life, is a lazy environmentalist. 

The good news is that although he is highly resistant to change, once he’s on the bandwagon, he’s there to stay.  He wasn’t sure about cloth diapering but now he’s the one who launders them more than anyone.  Composting seemed a bit messy to him but now he happily takes out our potato peels and radish tops on a daily basis.