Natural Ways to Induce Labor


“Every baby comes out eventually” may be true, but that doesn’t exactly provide comfort at the end of a long pregnancy. Whether you are past your due date or just ready to get that baby out of your belly, there are a few things you can do to speed the process up naturally.

While old-wives tales abound, some of the methods have actual research to back them up:

Sex: Although a recent study suggests that there is no correlation between having sex and going into labor, semen contains prostaglandins that soften and ripen the cervix. Women in the hospital are often given a synthetic prostaglandin at the first stage of inducing labor.

Natural Childbirth the Second Time Around

For the last two and half weeks I’ve been wallowing in the haze of sleeplessness, too exhausted to personally share the news of our second child’s birth. As you may have already read from Rebecca’s announcement, Jovi Nilprabhassorn arrived on June 8th after nine hours of labor, loads of encouragement, and some uncontrolled screaming towards the end.

After my first child’s birth I thought I knew what to expect with the second. Wrong! From the beginning she established herself as unique with lots of small contractions for hours before labor really intensified.

Even after we arrived at the Midwifery Birth Center, I remember thinking, “This whole labor thing really isn’t that hard! Why did I think this was such a struggle last time?” Within a few hours, I remembered just how painful it could get and realized at one point that I might not make it to the other side of each contraction.