How Do You Get Rid of Baby Gear and Toys?

Do you pass it onto friends? Do you sell it on craigslist? Do you host a garage sale?

It seems I spend the majority of my life buying, cleaning, storing, and eliminating stuff. Toys and gizmos flow into our home from birthday party goodie bags, garage sales, and grandparents. But how much of my life do I spend picking up tiny lego figures (or their tinier baseball caps) and plastic tea cups off of the living room floor?

Last night I reached a breaking point and snuck into my children’s bedrooms while they slept. I mercilessly tossed stuffed tigers and worn t-shirts into giant black garbage bags and felt the utter thrill of having less stuff to manage. Today I drove through our local Goodwill drop off site and happily said goodbye to heaps of belongings.

A Guest Blogger Tip: Swap Trash and Treasures

Today our post comes to you via Parenting Press, an online site packed with resources to support you in your child-rearing adventures from  birth to the teen years.  The January newsletter contained this short article outlining the brilliant (and very green) strategy of gift swapping.  It involves getting rid of unwanted stuff, cleaning out closets, and then having the chance to get what you really wanted–all for free!  You may want to round up a group of families with varying ages of kids and involve the little ones in this easy “stuff swap!”  The following piece is entirely written by Parenting Press.