The Eco-nomical Baby Guide Podcast on Dandeliondish

Our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide, is a record of how we saved thousands of dollars by going green. In my podcast with Tanya Lieberman of, I got to reflect on how The Eco-nomical Baby Guide can support new parents as they save money and the planet. If you’re wondering exactly what the book is about, take about fifteen minutes to listen to this interview and see if it might work for you. (And The Eco-nomical Baby Guide is still miraculously cheap right now at just under eight bucks on Amazon–it will earn several dozen times its cost in savings!)

Five Reasons I Don’t Buy Groceries in Bulk

I am going to reveal my secret to saving money and keeping my kitchen organized that will shock the tightwad community to its core:  I don’t buy in bulk.  There are a few select items I buy in bulk, such as spices and yeast.  Both of these kitchen staples are much cheaper from community bins rather than individual packets or jars.  For the most part, though, I don’t like to buy mass quantities of food at the supermarket.  Here’s why.

 1. It costs more. Okay, sometimes you save big money by buying the bigger version of something. However, I have found that smaller packages of certain products are actually a better deal per pound. I always make sure to figure out the price per pound before buying the bigger package.