The Best Eco-friendly Baby Holiday Gift Ideas

In search of the perfect holiday present for the newest member of the family? We’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend The Eco-nomical Baby Guide first thing! But what if you have our masterpiece already, or you want to spend more than $13.95 on your baby’s gift? Here are some more eco-friendly choices:

First you might want to check out Joy’s baby splurge posts, in which she reveals the top three convertible high chairs and the best eco-friendly strollers. Looking to spend a little—or a lot—less this year? Perhaps your baby would enjoy one of the top ten baby board books this year. Goodnight Moon is always a classic!

Check Out Our Holiday Posts for Green Gift Ideas

If you’re wondering how to shower the baby in your life with gifts this holiday season, you needn’t look further than last year’s posts on the Green Baby Guide. Here are some of our brilliant ideas, in review:

Green Baby Guide’s Gift Repository—We plug some of the companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with, such as Natural Pod, Pedoodles, and Monkey Foot Designs. We also get practical and suggest buying your bundle of joy bumGenius or Fuzzibunz diapers.
A beautiful Monkey Foot Designs wet bag for those cloth diapers!

Green Gifts for Baby on Etsy—Want a homemade onesie or knit cap without actually constructing it yourself? Etsy is the perfect way to treat your baby while supporting independent craftsters.

Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag Review and Giveaway

Monkey Foot Designs wet bags are different from the other bags we’ve discussed here on the Green Baby Guide.  Joy used a plastic bag to haul her wet diapers from daycare until she switched to a Bumkins Dirty Duds bag.  I’d always used a bag from a sporting goods store.  What sets the Monkey Foot bags apart from these other options?  They are much, much more stylish and beautiful. 

These custom-made bags are so nice that I almost hesitated using mine for wet diapers, but in the spirit of an honest review, I did.  I have the small bag ($16) in the sea coriander pattern.  When we went on an overnight trip last weekend, I took it along.  My daughter is mostly potty trained but still wears a diaper at night, so I brought just two cloth diapers.  They both fit in the small bag.  I’d recommend the small bag if you need to store just one or two diapers at a time.  The larger bag ($22) will hold four to five diapers, so it would work perfectly for daycare.