Earth Day Celebration with Green Mom Bloggers!

It’s Earth Day! And we’re celebrating by thanking our friends—I mean, objective members of the blogging community—who’ve been so kind as to review the Eco-nomical Baby Guide. Back in February we bragged about  our first book reviews. Who has honored us with a review since then? Here they are!

Crunchy Chicken reviewed our book!  Recently, she blogged about the end of high fructose corn syrup. She later got a response from the Corn Refiners Association.

Enviromom reviewed our book! This just came up today–and they’re hosting a giveaway! So head on over there if you want a chance to win a free copy!

Green Baby Green Mama reviewed our book! Learn how she organizes baby’s clothes. Also, here are the signs your child may be ready for potty training.