Baby Wearing 101: Using Baby Slings and Wraps

Here’s another recycled post from our early blogging days at GBG.  With my second baby, I’ve found that the sling is just as necessary as with our first.  This time we’ve invested in a Kangaroo Korner’s all weather pouch sling and use it on a daily basis.  Let us know what your favorite sling is and how your baby likes it!

When I was pregnant, I purchased a used Baby Bjorn thinking it was a standard piece of equipment. I did not realize at the time that sleep deprivation would make me incapable of understanding complicated directions for a front pack. At one point I found myself trapped with Roscoe strapped to my chest asleep. I was exhausted but instead of flopping into bed, I sat on the couch for an hour until my husband got home from work–––afraid that I’d roll over on my baby and smother him while he was in Baby Bjorn bondage. Important disclaimer! Many a mother has found the Baby Bjorn to be a wonderful piece of equipment, so don’t let my ineptitude derail you from considering this perfectly legitimate option for baby wearing.