What’s Your Favorite Organic Baby Food?

In a perfect world, every one of us would whirl up our own sweet potato purees for baby at all times.  Some of you live in that reality and I salute you!  Since I was working nearly full time while raising my babies, I lived in the land of sleep loss and basic survival and sometimes purchased a little sanity in the form of prepared baby food.

If you do buy baby food for traveling or just to save time, what does your child prefer?  My babies enjoyed Earth’s Best Baby Food and I loved that I could buy them in affordable cases from Costco or individually from Target. I also had hearty approval from my child for Happy Baby Organic Baby Food but I can’t speak to some of the other brands on the market like Plum Organics Baby Food, Sprout Organic Baby Food, or Peter Rabbit Organics.

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Organic Baby Resource is holding an Organic Baby Contest.  Submit your reviews of organic baby products you’ve tried and you’ll be entered to win several great prizes, including a one-month supply of Plum Organics Baby Food, an organic baby t-shirt, a gift certificate from Wild Dill, Green to Grow bottles,  and a diaper cake from Grow In Style.  All this is worth over $350!

Baby Cheapskate posts about a 33% off sale on bumGenius cloth diapers!

Mindful Momma shares her homemade cracker recipe so you can avoid the excess packaging and the high price of the grocery store varieties.

Haute Nature links to several creative Halloween costumes and favor ideas.  My favorite: dressing your baby as a car air freshener!