Product Review: Potette 2 in 1 Potty

Toddler Approved

Toddler Approved

We’ve been practicing Elimination Communication, commonly known as “Infant Potty Training” for over a year. Although we are a long way from being diaper free, Franci uses her BabyBjorn potty successfully 6-8 times a day. At least once a day she signs “potty” when it’s time to poop, or right after she pees (if any one has tips on getting her to sign it before the pee, that would be great).

On the rare occasion we are out of the house when it is time to poop, Frances is not happy. She tries to hold it in, which everyone knows is uncomfortable. The problem is that she doesn’t like me to hold her over the toilet. It occurred to me it might be time to get a portable toddler seat that fits on a regular toilet seat.

Potty Training Gear: What to Get, What to Skip

You’ll find when you get to the potty training stage that there is a whole new arsenal of gear you just have to have:

  • Pull-ups
  • Cloth training pants
  • Potty Chair
  • Singing/talking/laughing potty chair
  • Miniature urinal for boys
  • Potty Ring
  • Travel Potty Ring
  • Step stool
  • “Incentives” (e.g., candy, stickers, toys)
  • A peeing doll
  • “How to Toilet Train Your Child” instructional books/ DVDs for you
  • “How to Abandon the Diapers” inspirational books/ DVDs for your child
  • Underwear
  • Waterproof mattress cover
  • Extra sheets

So what do you really need? Well, I would like to say I simply took away the diapers and introduced the underwear, and that was that. There’s something to be said for the cold turkey approach to toilet training: the child quickly learns that no diapers = big mess and then takes it upon himself to jump up on the toilet and take care of business.