Recycled Paper Towels: Another Gut-wrenching Decision

Another product I’ve been reconsidering—alongside wipes warmers and diaper sprayers—are recycled paper towels. If you are a faithful reader of the Green Baby Guide, you know how my proudest claim to greenness is that I’ve never bought paper towels in my life. However . . . I’m beginning to make room for some changes.

Would recycled paper towels improve my life at all? Could they possibly be better than washable rags sometimes, especially if I promised to compost them?

Why don’t you . . . give up paper towels?

This post is a part of the illuminating Why don’t you” series. No judgment! We’re just curious.

Back in the early days of the Green Baby Guide, I wrote a whole post about living without paper towels—even if you have a baby to clean up after. Really, I just can’t see paying money when there is a free alternative: rags. This is why I don’t buy paper napkins, either. They really add almost nothing to a load of laundry, so I don’t count the water and energy used to wash them.

If you use them, try recycled paper towels!

However, I know many eco-conscious people do use paper towels. If they’re made from recycled materials and home composted, they don’t do much damage at all. But still . . . why don’t you give up paper towels?