Our Green Family Vacation in Hawaii with a Baby

We just returned, browned and blissful, from our nearly two week family reunion in Hawaii. Family came from all over the United States and an aunt even flew in from Thailand to join the fun.  It was a glorious, peaceful trip that exceeded our wildest expectations.  (I should add that we never, ever could have gone without the generosity of our family.  The money we save with coupons and shopping at thrift stores would never add up to enough for our whole family to go.)

Was it packed with green efforts?  Yep!  We used cloth diapers 95 percent of the time by washing them in the rental home’s machines and later in the hotel Laundromat.  Since Jovi is also potty training at 20 months, she wore her cloth training pants a good part of the time. She’s showing off her Fuzzibunz pocket diapers in this photo.

Recycled Posts Coming Soon!

I’m tired.   Not in the yawning way.  In the wanting-to-collapse-on-the-floor/slightly-hallucinogenic way.  I had forgotten how the combination of colic and sleepless nights felt–but now I remember!  All my fantasies about an ideal life involve being unconscious for a four hour stretch.

So instead of coming up with brilliant posts for the next few months, I shall be depending every now and then on some of our classic GBG material.  It’s from the days when only our friends and relatives were reading so it should be new to most of our readers and hopefully will remain helpful.

Thanks for understanding and for your encouragement.  I know that one day I shall sleep again.  (I also know that the day will be far, far in the future…)