Composting and Preventing Food Waste With Baby

I hope you enjoy this vintage post from our early days at the Green Baby Guide.  Now that our son is nearly three we still find that we produce loads of food waste to feed our compost bin—and, eventually, our garden!

First it was the spaghetti.  Roscoe would pile heaps of noodles on his head at dinner and the make us laugh against our will as he peeked out from the pasta tendrils. Now Roscoe, always the entertainer, has come up with another coy little trick for mealtimes: spitting out food.  He pops it into his mouth, takes a few chews to savor the taste, and then just as happily lets it dribble down his chin while he goes for the next bite.  We can say our son is a comedian or a creative eater, but when dinnertime is over and the belly laughing is done, what are we supposed to do with all that food?