Baby Dresser Decorating: Transforming an Old Dresser into an Artistic Family Heirloom

I am extremely thrifty and eco-friendly, but not aesthetically gifted. My friend Loreen, on the other hand, brings an artistic talent to frugal green living that makes it seem like a rich and tasteful adventure. When I saw what Loreen did with what she already had (an old used dresser, a used storybook, and Mod Podge) and a six dollar roll of shelf paper, I was in awe. The best news is that you could also create a gorgeous one of a kind dresser for your baby’s nursery in just a few hours!

In the before pictures you can see that the secondhand dresser didn’t seem to have much potential for becoming the centerpiece of a green nursery. But Loreen, the Martha Stewart of eco-friendly, budget-friendly living, had a vision. She took a much-used copy of Where the Wild Things Are and cut out illustrations and text, adhering them to the dresser with Mod Podge.