Last Year’s Earth Day Resolutions: How Did I Do?

Last year I made some Earth Day Resolutions, and now it’s time to see how I did.  Did my resolutions motivate me to go greener . . . or did I fail to meet even the simplest goals?  Let’s review.

I resolved to switch to eco-friendly cleaners.  Yes!  I did it.  I switched from conventional laundry detergent to Biokleen-and discovered that Biokleen was not only better for the environment, but better for my pocketbook than the cheapest conventional product on the store shelves.  Read about that here.  I also started using so-called “eco-friendly” dish soaps.  (And I wrote about why dish soap is bad for the environment, reviewed several eco-brands, suggested alternatives to liquid dish soap, and found a way to conserve dish soap while washing dishes.)

Rebecca’s Earth Day Resolutions

Remember when you asked your parents why there was Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but no Kid’s Day?  I felt pretty ripped off when they told me that “Every day is kids’ day.”  But maybe they were right.  Maybe the Earth doesn’t need a special day, either.  After all, every day should be Earth Day, right?  Well, sure, but ever since Senator Gaylord Nelson kicked off our first Earth Day in 1970, April 22 has given us an opportunity to reflect upon our relationship to our fair planet.  I’ve decided to make a few resolutions for the next year so I don’t limit all my conservational efforts to one measly day.