Avoid Wasting Food and Save One Hundred Dollars a Month!

We can compost. We can make a freezer inventory. We can force everyone in the family to become members of the “clean plate club.” (This should go over well with a six-month-old.) I read somewhere that 25% of the food we buy ends up getting tossed. If the average three-person family (two adults and a toddler) spends just over $400 on the U.S.D.A.’s “thrifty plan,” that means they’re tossing one hundred dollars’ worth of food away each month!

So how else can we avoid wasting food? Here are some ideas:

Use portion control. If you make your own baby food, freeze it in small portions and dole it out slowly.


Vegetarianism for Beginners

With the price of dried beans at around a dollar a pound, it’s clear why vegetarians spend less on groceries than meat-eaters (assuming they resist costly meat-alternatives).  Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce can feed eight people for under $2.00–total.  But the savings go beyond the grocery store.  Vegetarians enjoy one or two extra years of life and spend less on healthcare.  Not ready to commit to a full-time vegetarian diet?  Once-a-week meat-free eating still helps out your health, pocketbook, and the planet.  (More on this concept next week!)

Check out some of Vegetarian Cooking for Two’s lazy vegetarian recipes.

Here are some ideas to get you started: