Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Symptoms

41 Weeks Pregnant with Franci

41 Weeks Pregnant with Franci

After experiencing a few weeks of relief from pregnancy symptoms, I’ve started up a whole new round. Since I try to avoid all medication while pregnant (foregoing even “safe” medications like Tylenol and Claritin), I’ve been trying out a few natural remedies for what ails me. Always consult your doctor before starting any natural remedies, just to be sure they are safe for your pregnancy.

  • I wrote about consuming ginger to help with morning sickness and nausea. It turns out that ginger is also good for gas and joint pain (my current complaint) caused by relaxin.
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Pregnancy Exhaustion and the Importance of Self Care

Let me start by saying that I am immensely grateful to be carrying our second child.

Also, I’m tired! This time around my body seems to be struggle with the whole process. My hips feel like they’re going to come unhinged at any point and I have to wear medical compression hose each and every day to manage the veins bulging from my achy legs. 

The first time around I remember coming home from work and putting my feet up without a care for a few hours every night.  Now those same feet need to chase my toddler son around the house for regular games of hide and go seek.