We Have a Winner! Our Shaklee Dishwashing Liquid Giveaway

We chose a winner for our Shaklee dish soap giveaway and review: Congratulations, Katie! You’ll have to report back with your thoughts on this wonder product. I still can’t believe a sixteen-ounce bottle lasted over a half a year, especially considering how ineffective some of the other green dish soaps I tried were. Thanks to Green and Clean Mom for hosting this giveaway.

Also, I finally added a “Washing Dishes” category so that it is easy to find all of my dish washing posts. I plan to get a dish washer for the first time in my adult life, so I will probably have a few more posts to add to this exciting category very soon!

The Dish Soap Opera Continues (+ Shaklee Dish Soap Giveaway!)

You may recall my dish soap saga of last fall: First I wondered if eco-friendly dish soaps were any better than conventional ones, then I tested several greener dishwashing liquids, then I perfected my hand-washing method to use as little dish soap as possible. Finally, I offered a few alternatives to liquid dish soap.

During this quest, Green and Clean Mom contacted me, telling me I had to try the Shaklee dish soap she sells at her online store. She insisted that this dishwashing liquid would last a very long time. I was skeptical, considering some 32-ounce bottles of other brands lasted just six weeks. The Shaklee soap was in a 16-ounce bottle, which is smaller than average.