How Do You Handle Household Chores?

Time-consuming and endless.  That’s how I’d describe my domestic duties.  But perhaps you’re more enlightened and would pick adjectives like “Rewarding and fulfilling.”  If so, please inspire me!

Do you incrementally work on general household cleaning duties, or do you prefer for things to build up to near disaster before you attack?  Who is in charge of washing cloth diapers or buying groceries?  Do your children do small tasks for you as well?  Is your partner involved in domestic upkeep or do you shoulder the responsibility yourself?

Any tricks you’ve implemented might be a help to the rest of us!  (My resolution for order and focus this year has me using the quicken calendar to remind me of three chores each day.  It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly an improvement from what I was doing before!)

The Saturday Question: How do you balance chores in your home?

Happy Valentines Day!  Although it’s wonderful to be in love with a like-minded partner while raising children, going green often entails a bit more work around the home.  There’s the trips to the compost bin, the diaper laundry, and all those homemade meals to prepare.  It can be downright overwhelming unless you have a system to deal with the extra chores.  Is there a system you use with your spouse or partner to share the workload?  Do you have help from extended family?  Is it worth it to pay for help with cleaning or a diaper service just to balance the rest of your life?  Do you share the work with your children?  Please let us know what works for you!