Green Family New Year’s Resolutions: Increments Instead of Ideals

In the coming year, I want to live my green goals, but I need to be sure I’m sane and healthy enough to find balance without being crushed by my ideals.  Because here’s the truth—I’m an idealizer. We drive fuel-efficient vehicles, use cloth diapers and homemade natural cleaners, but I dream of difficult challenges like hydroponic gardens and solar ovens.

And that’s not where the dreaming stops!  In fact, all day long I’m remembering what needs to be done.  Frames that hang empty on the wall.  A floor that hasn’t seen a mop in days.  Cupboards that need to be organized.  A tummy that could use a few sit-ups.

Falling Short of Green Aspirations: An Eco-Reflection

It’s New Year’s Eve.  My living room is strewn with child-related debris, my husband is feverish in bed, and my offspring are tucked in—leaving me to evaluate my green parenting progress this year.

In truth, I dread this reflection.  Although 2010 was a year where I finally had more time at home, it didn’t always feel productive.  In fact, never have I had so much time and so few accomplishments.  After all, in previous years I was trying to balance parenting with teaching middle school, writing our book, and blogging.

To make myself feel a bit better, I have to remember that getting the laundry done, wiping child-flung yogurt off the wood floors, and keeping food in the fridge are actually achievements.  Being at home this last six months has been an absolute delight, and the toughest job I’ve ever had (And my former job was teaching 30+ adolescents!).