BPA-free Containers for Storing Breast Milk and Homemade Baby Food

One of my first baby purchases was a set of  little containers for all of the pureed delights I planned to create for my child. In retrospect I can see this was an odd obsession, considering most babies don’t get a taste of solid food for a good six months after birth—but finding a good system for storing breast milk and homemade baby food can make the whole process much more manageable.

Two things I didn’t know back when I bought those containers in 2005: 1. I should have looked for BPA-free plastic—or found an alternative to plastic. 2. I should have considered buying containers that worked for storing expressed breast milk as well as pureed food to get the most bang for my buck.

Buy in Bulk, Skip Pre-packaging, and Save the Planet: Pack a Lunch!

Last week we introduced you to Lunchsense Lunchboxes, a great solution for those of you searching for ways to quickly pack meals that work for little ones.  The boxes have been featured on other websites as well including “Vegan Lunchbox. 

This isn’t your typical fabric lunchbag.  It’s a sturdy system that snaps into a box or a flat tray and is filled with handy plastic containers that lock closed so that food doesn’t leak out.   This week we’ll fill you in on the last part of our interview with Nancy Owen Myers, the Lunchsense creator and an innovative mother of three.

GBG:  How does a Lunchsense lunchbox end up helping the environment and saving money?