Be a Part of The Green Baby Guide Book: A Call for Interviews!

As we’ve been churning out blog entries, parenting our toddlers, teaching, and keeping up with our monthly column in Metro Parent, we’re also finishing up work on our book, The Green Baby Guide: Down-to-Earth Ways to Save Time, Money and The Planet.  We’re sorry to say that you’ll have to wait awhile to see a copy since it won’t be published by Stewart, Tabori and Chang until the spring of 2010, but our deadline is looming in just a few short months and we’d love to get more input.  

We’re specifically looking for people who are willing to be interviewed (by email) on the following topics:

Flailing Greenward: Balancing A Hectic Life and Green Choices

I have no time.  Seriously.  As a mother, a middle school teacher, a writer, and a wife, I often feel like each minute of my day has to be carefully attributed to a specific task.  In the time it takes to get from work to daycare I’m planning dinner, thinking of tomorrow’s social studies lesson, wondering whether I can take my son out for a walk, and remembering that the diapers need to be dried and folded by tomorrow.  Am I a wonder woman—a model mother who gracefully balances work, family and a green lifestyle?  Hardly!  I’m fumbling toward green parenthood and often failing along the way.