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Must Have for New Moms: Teething Jewelry

As soon as baby is old enough to reach out and grab something, it’s inevitable that glasses and jewelry are among the first line of assault. Instead of forgoing accessories all together, we like to wear necklaces and bracelets that are dual purpose and baby-safe!

The best part about these products, aside from being stylish, is that they are great for those moments when you didn’t bring your arsenal of baby toys. Maybe you are at the store, or grabbing a quick bite to eat or a cup of coffee. In the short-term, they provide a great distraction.

Product Review: Gum Massagers


Zo-li Gummy Stick


KidGear The Teethifier II


It all started when I noticed Franci was more interested in rubbing her gums with the xylophone wand than using it to make music. I had suspected that her gums were starting to itch since she spent a lot of time with her fingers practically down her throat.

While she is more than welcome to use the wand in whatever way she desires, I thought it might be a good time to try out one of the gum massagers available.  There are lots of different choices, so I narrowed it down to cheap and easy to hold (and hard to swallow).

Caring for Baby Teeth

Check out my pearly whites!

Check out my pearly whites!

So far I’ve heard varying advice on when to take your baby for his first dental check up, ranging from when the first tooth appears to when he turns two.  Frances has five teeth now, and it just occurred to me that we might need to start thinking about her dental health.

Taking her to the dentist now seems drastic, but it’s probably time to think about brushing. A quick Amazon search for Infant Toothbrush returns so many different types of teeth-cleaning devices, I don’t know where to begin. Do we start with a finger toothbrush? Or a silicone toothbrush? Or should we start right away with a toothbrush with bristles, since that’s what she’ll use eventually?

Product Review: Mesh Feeder

Now that Frances is in full-on teething mode, she’s been using her Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders every day. I slip in a combination of frozen banana, mango and peach and she obsessively sucks at it until her face is cold and red and her fingers are frozen themselves. If it’s close to nap time, I add a cube of frozen chamomile tea to the mix to encourage sleep.

I’m very grateful that mesh feeders exist, but I have a few complaints about the Munchkin variety. For one, they can be hard to open. I had to use pliers once to get the darn thing open. My biggest grievance is that they are incredibly difficult to clean. Banana in particular doesn’t even come out with scrubbing. Even a toothbrush isn’t that great a cleaning tool, and sometimes I have to scrape it inside out with my fingernail. Where the mesh meets the plastic is an especially tricky spot. And you better clean it immediately after use or you’ll be tempted to just throw it in the trash!

Soothing a Teething Baby

We’ve finally entered The Teething Zone. I’ve heard plenty of stories about this stage in infant development, but I guess it’s not something you can fully grasp until you’ve witnessed it first hand.

For months Frances has been drooling and rubbing her index finger obsessively over her lower gums. When someone pointed it out I’d shrug and say, “I guess she’s teething”. Ha! In the past week she’s gone from a quiet, happy baby who contentedly plays by herself for hours, to one who can’t be left alone for more than five minutes.

One thing I didn’t anticipate was the scream that accompanies the fussing. Movie scripts would write this as, “blood curdling”. It’s the kind of scream that sends you running towards her, only to find Frances grinning widely at the look of concern on your face.