Baby Swap Website Reviews

This is our very first guest post, brought to you by Paige Bayer of The Budget Ecoist.  If you are interested in contributing any guest posts to the Green Baby Guide, drop us an email with your idea!

Babies are expensive, which is why it takes a village to raise them.  Asking one member of the village to pick up the cost is well, a lot to ask, especially in this economy.  So The Budget Ecoist has perused the internet to bring you the best villages out there to help raise your baby!  And by “village” we mean “websites” that will swap baby goods with you, thereby keeping your physical costs down, as well as your baby’s cost to the environment. 

Green Birthday Parties for Kids

This year I found myself apathetic about throwing a traditional party for my two year old.  While I could have selected coordinating décor and unique party favors, I was determined to keep it simple.  Am I an unfit mother?  I hope not.  The truth is that throwing a big birthday shindig often ends up being expensive, exhausting and very disposable.  

Luckily I knew my son would be thrilled to run through a park with his friends and receive a few presents. We added blueberry muffins to the mix and he was in utter bliss. 

Plus, I had to wonder, would I be doing all that extra stuff for him and his friends, or for the other adults? Before I got wrapped up in other people’s potential judgments of his very simple celebration, I realized that the people in Roscoe’s life are unpretentious, kind and very connected to him.  They forgave me for my un-Martha Stewart festivities.