Secondhand Cribs – Yay or Nay?

Rebecca's, and now Franci's, crib

Rebecca’s, and now Franci’s, crib

Back in 2011, the sale of second hand cribs was banned. While you’re still allowed to give away a used crib, the question is still out on whether or not it is safe to use a second-hand crib.  In the interest of frugality, reusing and family heirlooms, we put Frances in a used crib.

This is not a new topic here on The Green Baby Guide.  Joy wrote about giving their used drop-side crib away but making sure to include a crib immobilizer kit.

Rebecca posted about her second-hand crib and said she felt safe using it, despite the fact that it is from the 1970s, because it meets all the safety standards.

Secondhand Cribs–Are They Safe? Are They Green?

 In the March issue of ShopSmart, put out by the publisher of Consumer Reports, experts analyzed used baby gear to determine “when you can gratefully say yes and when you should gracefully say no thanks.”  I am devoting several  posts to discussing their findings.  I’ve already written about baby bath tubs and car seats.

ShopSmart discusses secondhand cribs:

Safe: Any crib that was manufactured after the year 2000 should be fine, as long as it is not broken or missing any pieces.

Not Safe:  Prior to 2000, cribs were held to different safety standards, and will not be acceptable for your baby, even if you slept soundly in them. Any crib with cutouts in the headboard, and corner posts over sixteen inches pose serious risks for a child’s safety.


Baby Rules I Violate in order to Save the Planet

There are some mothers who are up-to-date on all the latest recommendations in pregnancy and child development. These women avoid caffeine and soft cheeses during pregnancy and compliment their child in five different languages when he reaches a new milestone (five months ahead of his peers, no doubt). On the opposite end of the spectrum, we find the parents who, through lack of education and resources, remain ignorant of all the expert opinions in child-minding.

And then there are the parents like me. Parents who know all about the baby rules and regulations touted by medical and safety authorities and blatantly disregard them! Why do I do it? I guess I’m just a renegade, a rebel, a rule-breaker in general. Or . . . maybe I am just lazy. Or . . . I am doing it to save the world! Here are just some of the rules I break out of eco-consciousness: