Cradle Cap

At first I thought that Frances had gotten makeup foundation on her forehead from rubbing back-and-forth on my cheek, but it wouldn’t wipe off.  Then I tried scraping it lightly with my fingernail, and the skin flaked off.  I looked a little closer and her whole scalp looked a little yellow.  I hadn’t really noticed before, because she has so much hair, but there is definitely something going on.  My suspicions were confirmed when I noticed her trying to scratch her head when she wakes up (which is adorable and a little sad at the same time).

I have read about cradle cap, so I figure that’s what it is.  I looked up images online and if it is cradle cap, it’s a mild case.  Nothing worth seeing a doctor over.  A lot of websites say to use a brush or washcloth to scrape off the scales.  Is it really necessary to remove the scales in order for it to go away?