Baby Swap Website Reviews

This is our very first guest post, brought to you by Paige Bayer of The Budget Ecoist.  If you are interested in contributing any guest posts to the Green Baby Guide, drop us an email with your idea!

Babies are expensive, which is why it takes a village to raise them.  Asking one member of the village to pick up the cost is well, a lot to ask, especially in this economy.  So The Budget Ecoist has perused the internet to bring you the best villages out there to help raise your baby!  And by “village” we mean “websites” that will swap baby goods with you, thereby keeping your physical costs down, as well as your baby’s cost to the environment. 

Zwaggle, Freecycle, and Freepeats: Finding Freebies by Recycling Online

Often when I’m headed off to buy a whatzit, it strikes me that someone nearby is probably dying to get rid of the exact thing I want.  And when I drop off a sack full of goodies at a thrift store, I wonder if they’ll make it past the cluttered shelves and into the hands of someone who needs them.

That’s where  the Internet comes in.   For the first time in human history it’s incredibly easy to unload unwanted stuff or search for a used item—all for free! 

Zwaggle is an online resource for parents who are looking to give and get items for their children.  People receive Zwaggle points called “zoints” for giving gently used items to others and then can use then to “purchase” things for their family.  Since it all happens online, you can get things from across the nation so it’s a bit like Ebay without the expense.