The Green Baby Guide’s Best POCKET Diaper Posts

Not sold on pocket diapers? Check out how to choose an eco-friendly diaper system and figure it out once and for all! Joy and I had an old-fashioned diaper duel (which involved impassioned blogging rather than shooting each other at forty paces) in which she argued that pocket diapers are better than prefolds.

The bumgenius one-size diaper adjusts to fit babies as they grow.

Her love for pocket diapers was so strong that her argument came in the form of a five-point ode. Powerful stuff. After our fight had reached a stalemate, she came back with three more reasons she loves pocket diapers. She just won’t take “prefolds are better” for an answer!

The Saturday Question: Do you Prefer Velcro or Snaps with Cloth Diapers?

cloth diaper with snapscloth diapers with velcroWe’re passionate about cloth diapering here at, but we haven’t taken an official stand on fasteners.  Some of our readers swear by Velcro for its ease and adjustability. Others declare their fervent love for snaps.  What have you found to be better for your tot?