Review: MaterniT21


Test Your Baby’s Chromosomes with MaterniT21

Nowadays there are several tests you can take in early pregnancy to detect abnormalities such as Down Syndrome. The most common is the NT ultrasound, which is non-invasive but has a high rate of false-positives and is not a diagnostic tool (it merely estimates the risk that the fetus may be affected). It is often the first choice for parents that will then choose a high-risk amniocentesis or CVS test if the results are positive. Both tests are considered high-risk because of the likelihood of miscarriage (around 1 in 300 or 1 in 360 respectively).

Green Spotlight on Betsy of Eco-novice

We’d like to take some time to thank our favorite fellow bloggers for stopping by the Green Baby Guide, providing insightful comments. First in the spotlight is Betsy of Eco-novice. She’s a stay-at-home mother of two who started her path towards greenness when her first child was born. Here’s what she says about her motivation for going green on her blog:

But when my first baby sucked on my hair, I wondered, “What’s in my leave-in conditioner?” When he sucked on the floor, I wondered, “What’s in my cleaner?” When I started feeding him solid foods, I wondered, “How safe are pesticides for infants?” When I opened his disposable diaper on a sweltering day and felt a wave of heat come out I thought, “Maybe I’ll try cloth diapers after all.”