The Saturday Question: Cheap Summer Thrills with Baby?

The rain is gone and the sun is out–where should we go, baby? With a winter newborn (and a broken ankle), I felt trapped indoors forever. If I ever have a second child, I’ll make sure it’s born in June, as Joy so wisely did. Walks around the neighborhood, jaunts to the park, camping trips, dips in a wading pool–what are your baby’s favorite summertime amusements?

Green on the Go: Living Car-Free with a Baby

Audrey\'s very first stroller rideI’ve managed to go my whole adult life without owning a car.  When I was pregnant, I wondered if I’d finally succumb to automobile ownership, but I’ve found I get along just fine.  In the first few weeks of parenthood, I plopped my daughter into a sling and stepped out the door. 

At three months, she took her very first stroller ride, and at almost two and a half years she still takes a spin in it almost every single day.  I have found the stroller indispensible for a car-free lifestyle–jaunts around town are entertaining for the baby, and the basket provides some storage space for books or groceries we pick up along the way.  We enjoy what I like to think of as a European way of life: Instead of driving to the store every week or every other week and filling up an entire cart full of groceries, I stop by every few days and pick up the items I need by foot.