Any early gardening tips?

Spring is here! Around my neighborhood I’m already seeing foot-high leeks, kale, and chard popping out of garden boxes. Meanwhile, my vegetable patch remains covered in a layer of last fall’s leaves. If you have any tips for early gardening, I’m all ears. Is it worth throwing some seeds out in the mud this early in the year?

Are You Planting a Winter Garden?

My summer garden is a complete failure, except for a handful of cherry tomatoes, one strawberry, and a few tragically small leeks.  Should I even consider winter gardening?  Although my backyard farming skills are novice at best, it makes me feel better to know that we’re all struggling with low yields this year due to cooler temperatures.  Is winter gardening worth the effort?  Please inspire me with your wisdom!  (Or save me the trouble of even trying…)

End of Summer Regrets (or, Green Things I Failed to Do)

Reading about Life Domestic’s Little House on the Prairie-style adventures in canning peaches and the Lean Green Family’s overabundance of tomatoes filled me with a tinge of green regret.  After finishing Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle I should have been all revved up to harvest local fruits and vegetables and preserve them all for the wintry months ahead. . . . Yet somehow it didn’t happen.


What did I miss out on this summer?

1. I didn’t plant a garden. We moved into our new house in late June, and after all the unpacking it was too late to get anything in the ground. Next year!